NARWHAL-AMERICAN (Post-Production): Feature narrative film. Narwhal-American is a quirky cross-cultural love story about a couple who turn to a geneticist for help overcoming infertility only to find themselves and their secretive community at ground zero of a major discovery. A.K.A. Little Narwhal, Humans Among Humans. Finalist 2016 Sundance-Sloan Fellowship, Finalist 2016 TFI-Sloan, and Semi-Finalist 2016 Blue Cat Screenplay Competition. 

FOR I MUST HOLD MY TONGUE (Post-Production): Ultra-short film featuring ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK'S Barbara Rosenblat. 


EVERY OTHER WEEKEND (2015): Short film about a pleasantly plump teen who spends the first weekend after his parents' divorce dealing with his exercise obsessed dad. (Official Selection San Diego Black Film Festival, Best Short Inwood Film Festival) Watch on Youtube.

PAINTING THE WAY TO THE MOON (2014): 54 minute documentary about a NASA mathematician who discovered a new way of space travel through his art. Features interviews with top astrophysicists, including Neil deGrasse Tyson. Best Documentary at Boston SciFi, Philip K. Dick, and NYLA film festivals. (Now on Fandor. Coming soon to

CURTIS (2004): A short documentary film on the life and art of Curtis Wheeler.  Honorable Mention in Short Filmmaking at Sundance. (Coming soon to VOD.)


THE LAST DAYS OF DOGGER CITY: SciFi feature screenplay based on Mjke's Wood's Analog short story.

UNTITLED IMMIGRATION PROJECT: bilingual project loosely based on the stories people shared with Carylanna during her anthropological research into migration from Honduras to the U.S.